Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flower Card - Secret Garden

This card comes from an inspiration from another blog I follow, and a new stamp set I just ordered;  Secret Garden.

The blog?  It's by another demo named Cecile Ortiz and it's in French.  I can read very little of her posts, and occasionally use Google Translate if there's something I'm really interested in reading... her work is AMAZING!  Even if you don't read French, you have got to check out her blog!!!!!
One thing I have learned, at the bottom of the page, click on Suivant> to get to the next page.

She has the most amazing flower creations from paper!  I've seen this stamp set used in her creations as well as some others, and after looking at them for quite awhile I wanted to give one of these flower creations (in 3D) a try.

I'm pretty happy with the first try, and will keep playing with this technique.  BUT you really need to give her blog a look.  It's really something!
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