Sunday, December 16, 2012

Still Here! So Busy!!

Good Sunday Morning!

WHEW it's been busy around here!
Mom and I got the calendars done earlier in December, and I'm getting the pictures ready to post on the blog.

I'm getting the Christmas Card Challenge going again for 2013.  I was so happy to be unstressed in getting my Christmas cards out this year!  What a wonderful thing!

I've been wondering if you'd be interested in a Birthday Card Challenge for 2013!  It would run on different dates, but I sure could use a good supply of differently themed Birthday cards!  If I do a few every month, it's nice to have a supply!

SO, if you would, take a moment to vote ( on the right) on doing a B-day card challenge, I'd really appreciate it!

I'm off to bake more cookies!  I took a class on how to use fondant, so I'm going to have beautiful Christmas cookies this year!

Pics coming! :)

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