Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stampin' Up Club! ~ April Project!

We used a 2-step stamp set for this, and instead of a contrasting ink, we used silver embossing powder for the top layer of the flowers.... so COOL!!!
We also used the silver embossing for the sentiment, distressing on the green cardstock, and some of the Stampin' Up hardware pieces.

This is such an adorable card! The ribbon holds the cardstock together, and the flowers slide right in... the next picture shows the detail.
**How many times have we discovered that looks can be deceiving?? I searched and searched for the right brads to use for the flower centers. The background yellows, purples and pinks make the brad change color! That's actually an orange brad on top of the yellow center. Doesn't it look peachy?! It really got me!
Here you can see the inside detail of the card. I didn't think quick enough before I ran the adhesive on the white cardstock to ink the edges.... next time!

I ordered the two stamp sets, just 'cause they are so awesome! The large flowers on the pot card are from the same set as the stamps from the window card I posted from March!! So so versatile! I just LOVE that!

Please enjoy!

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One Set of Twinchies finished!

Click on the image to get a good close-up! :)

These Twinchies were quite a process to create! I used 2 types of ink; Brilliance Ink, and Stampin' Up ink. These Kitchen Sink Stamps are 4 layers to create the pansies... stamped from the lightest image to the darkest on the top. Gotta love those Stampin' Spots for help with the subtle colors! For the top 2 layers, I used my Craft ink, and heat embossed them with clear ranger powder.

Each flower is 1 inch, matted at 1.5 inches, and 2 inches to come up with the final 2 inches.

They were quite a bit of work with all the layers of stamping and matting - but they turned out so great, it was WORTH IT! :) Totally!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post 3 of New "Old" Things - State Posters!

This was a project I did WAY back over a year ago for my 4th Grade class at the time, and all the subsequent classes I'd teach this unit to over the coming years. I have a teacher book from a company called "The Mailbox"; it's a USA regions unit. For almost the past 10 years or so, I've taught this unit to my students right after our testing is finished.

When I made these posters, I used the original maps from the book to determine how many states would fit on the posters. This is a really great way for the students to learn all 50 states and their capital cities.

This year, I've had quite a few of the teachers borrow the posters for use in their classrooms too!

Just two things:
1. I did put in all the commas BEFORE I laminated the posters!! AND, on the side without the capitals, I drew in all the major bodies of water so they could see where the lakes and rivers were located.
2. I don't know where my pictures of the NE states has gone... Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island... I'll have to get a picture and add it to the set! I know I have it - it was posted in my classroom for the beginning of the unit!

Follow this link to the coloring chart I used to make sure none of the states that touched each other were the same color. It works every time!!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Post 2 of New "Old" Things - Shrinky Dinks!

Mickey, colored in acrylic paints.
Mickey, colored in Crayola Colored Pencils
Mickey, colored in EK success colored pencils
June, 2008
I'm sure I wasn't the first, but I had this idea for cutting Shrinky Dinks on the Cricut! I thought Mickey was a great place to start since he's so well-known, and a nice large figure. I didn't want anything with extremely small pieces for my little experiment - wasn't sure how they'd turn out after the shrinking.
I cut the Shrinky Dink film at 3 1/2 inches, and as you can see from the last picture, they shrunk down to just an inch and a quarter (1 1/4 in.).
It was LOTS of fun, and very easy to do. They shrunk down much faster than I remember as a kid making them in the kitchen with my Mom and sister.

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Post 1 of New "Old" Things

June, 2008

I'd seen someone's post on the Cricut Messageboard using the Cricut Cartridge Speaking of School to make her name for her classroom... and since I had the cart, I made one as well. The letters are 4 inches each with all their layers - as well as lots of gel pen accents and even more stickles just to make them look amazing.

I also made a set of these for another teacher friend of mine. They still need to be delivered. :(

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New Series! - Some "New" Old Posts

I just spent some time today re-labeling my blog posts, and I realized that there are many projects I've done, posted in other places, and haven't posted here on my blog for you to see!

SO, I'm going to start back through some of my other projects either for school or the Design Team, or Cards for Soldiers and post them here.

I've got States posters, and some very cute cards... so keep checking for them! They'll be here soon.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tracy's Christmas Challenge - April!

Tracy's challenge this month was snowmen. "Easy!" I thought... until I started looking through DS, and couldn't find a snowman I liked! RRRRR I got busy with other things, and just remembered last night. I got out my binder and started looking around at all my Cricut Cartridges as I always do when I need inspiration. There they were!!! ALL OVER the Speaking of Winter Cartridge!

This particular snowman is from the letter B. I used some DCWV Christmas Stack paper for the background - the Martha Stewart embossed snowflake punch, my brilliance sky blue inks for inking edges and snowflakes, and the Brilliant Blue Craft pad from Stampin' Up to emboss the Christmas sentiment. I also used the cinnamon brilliance ink for the straw on the broom and black, blue and silver glitter gel pens for accents -black for his eyes, blue dots on his mittten, and silver for the stringing on the broom.

The card came together so quickly once I got started!

THANKS Tracy for these challenges!

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Housewarming Card

I made this card from the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge - We needed a housewarming card for some relatives that were only too happy to move back to the Chicagoland area.

I had to take a little break today and make this card. I hope you like it!
It's cut at 7 1/2 inches, and the envelope was cut at 7 3/4 inches.

I used smooth cardstock for everything along with some glitter and glaze gel pens.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

More of those Crazy Inchies...Twinchies!!

Click on the picture for a screen image...

Since I finished my 1,000 inchies for that INSANE swap. I signed up for two spots on the Twinchie challenge. Twinchies are the same concept as inches - except they are 2 inch squares.'

These are my "started" twinchies - Kitchen Sink Stamps, stamped in 4 layers with 3 colors of Stampin' Up ink, and one Brilliance ink color for some shimmer. Since I love the SU Craft ink, I'm also heat embossing these so they are nice and shiny.

The last step for these is mounting on 2 layers of coordinating cardstock. I'll post those later when I have them finished.

Come join our swaps!!! There's spaces left on the Inchie challenge, and Twinchie challenge.

The Ultimate Inchie Challenge - 1 inch art


The Ultimate Twinchie Challenge - 2 inch art

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Inchies, and Inchies, and Inchies!!! The ULTIMATE Inchie Challenge!

I joined the Ultimate Inchie Challenge over on the Cricut Website... and we are all having a GREAT time making these crazy little things!!!

Why is it called the ULTIMATE Inchie challenge??? Because we are making 1,000.... yes, that's ONE THOUSAND inchies each!

I signed up for flourishes... and above are some pics of what I've made so far. I don't have an exact count, but I figure I've got at least 400 or so made.
I've kept the pictures quite small, so just click and you'll see a screen-sized image.

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So I Have to Tell You A Story About My Panda.....

Now he's not really a Panda... that's just a nickname I use for my little kitty. Sandy is going to be two this month... and he's a real Aries, if you know what I mean. I call him a ton of names. Sandy (which he answers to); Sandy Panda!; Panda; Baby Kitty!; My Sweet Thang; etc. You get the point. LOL

I love him SO much. He's adorably cute, and just as soft as anything. You can't believe how soft this cat's fur is until you pet him... and then each time you pet him it's a surprise how soft this cat's fur is!!

Well, my husband Bennie feeds and changes their litter (we have 2 cats) -and would rather kick them than pet them. (more on that later)

And I'm the momma so I get to cuddle and love and pet them. They will sit on me, and sleep on me when I'm in my recliner. They rub on my legs and Hank loves to play "Pop Up Kitty" because when I'm on the computer, he puts his two front paws on my leg to get my attention until I pick him up. It's really hard to work on the computer when this big Hankie is sitting on you!!!

So when Sandy decided he needs something, he follows Bennie (my husband) around the house meowing quite loudly and demandingly! He really follows him all over the house! He doesn't give up, either. Bennie will ignore him for a little while and then start yelling back at him to shut up, etc. LOL I just have to laugh, 'cause that cat is PERSISTENT!!!!! When I finally tell Bennie to check what he wants, Sandy will lead him right exactly to what he wants. That's no dumb kitty!!!

Last week one day, Sandy just wouldn't give it up - and they had food and water - but he wouldn't stop crying after Bennie! After a closer look, we discovered ants in their food - UH! So they got some clean food, and I sprayed the area with some safe ant repellant... and there was again peace in our house.

I'm going to have to get some video of this... it is just the funniest thing to see!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Card for Our Niece

These are the front and first inside folds of the card,

and here is the inside of the card
I think this card has taken me longer than any card I've made to date. I used lots of my Stampin' Up supplies, as well as many of my other craft tools. This was a 4 hour card, minus the time for making and having lunch in between.
I cut the cardstock to 7 x 11, and scored the folds at 3.5 and 7 inches. I used the label punch to make the window, and the thank you stamp inked to use only the border. Then the sentiment from one of the hostess sets was stamped inside the border. I used my Versamark ink and some clear cupcake stamps to stamp all over the front and first fold inside the card, heat embossing it with clear powder.
Then I used my cupcake Stampin' Around Wheel twice, once on pink cardstock, and once one white cardstock. I colored the cupcakes with Glaze gel pens, and popped them over the top of the pink cardstock. I then used some Star Dust stickles to make the confetti very sparkly, as confetti should be.
The Birthday Wishes background, Birthday stamped background, and flower border all come from the DCWV Glitter stack. Those are just the cutest papers!!! I used the Jasmine cart to cut the photo corners, and a white opaque pen for the doodly-do's. I used the Brilliance opalescent inks for all the inked edges so they're a little shiny... and I'll borrow a friend's slit punch until I get one of my own to keep the card closed.
Thanks so much for looking... this card took so MUCH time, but I really loved making it!!!
I hope the background pink doesn't show to garishly online, it's really a nice background pink for the entire card.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Card for a Dear Friend

I am just enjoying these flower borders from Walk in My Garden!!!

This is a birthday card for my friend Barb... it's made with some cloud paper as a background, the Hyacinth borders - 3 of them with some Stickles and Ranger Liquid Pearls for accents. I also added some of those adorable little 3/4 inch ladybugs just 'cause they're so cute!

The scroll corners come from Storybook, and I inked and heat embossed the Birthday Wishes - it's a Stampin' Up stamp I received recently. Gotta love that quality in their products!!!

I used 2 of my other Birthday stamps on the inside.

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Cards for Soldiers "Father's Day and/or Kids" March 16 - April 3

As I started the 2nd set of 15 cards, I realized that I had the Sports Mania Cart!!!

Nice plain, dk. brown paper on the background, and then the backdrop in green as a good contrast and the I Love Basketball sentiment just on the edge of the backdrop.

I cut the basketballs as a 2 inch border, and embossed most of them with the Tiny Bubbles Cuttlebug folder... don't they look real!?

They look a little plain to me, but they're for the guys... I don't think they really want flowers and ribbons and bows.... but that's just me.

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