Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kitchen Sink Crew Challenge #16! 3rd entry

Here's my third entry for the Kitchen Sink Crew Challenge...

The recipe I used for the raspberries:
Stamp #1: Cameo Coral
Stamp #2: Real Red
Stamp #3: Pomegranate ?? I can't remember the entire name.

for the leaves/stems, I used:
Stamp#1: Wild Wasabi
Stamp #2: Old Olive

One thing you don't know.... I HATE raspberries... HATE 'em!! LOL BUT, this set of stamps is my absolute favorite. What a contradiction, I know! I just can't believe how real these raspberries look!
Now, why do I hate them so much?? Because my mother grew an enormous raspberry patch down the center of our garden when I was a kid, and we had them coming out of our ears!!! We ate them with everything, had to pick them and get scratched up all over the place, had to sort through them, had to finish picking off the stems, and get them ready for flash-freezing so we would have some ALL YEAR LONG! UGH! If I never have to eat Raspberry Torte again, I will be VERY happy! LOL

So, please do enjoy how realistic these raspberries are... because they've done an amazing job in creating them... but just don't offer me any for a snack or in my dessert!! LOL

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