Saturday, April 23, 2011

Teacher of the Week April 18 - 22, 2011

I generally don't talk much about my job/career here on my craft blog, but I wanted to share this. It's a great pat on the back we really need... especially since we found out just yesterday that our school is one of 14 that is being closed in the district I work in. What will happen to us?? I don't know. Ya veremos, like my husband always says. :)

Teacher of the Week is something our principal began this year... it's been really GREAT! Each week, the TOW gets their name on the MB in our lounge, and we get to write comments about that particular colleague.

This week was my week as Teacher of the Week. I loved all the comments so much! They mean very much to me - I really try to be a resource of ideas and materials for the teachers on my campus... and help the kids as much as I possibly can.

Click the picture for a screen-sized view.

Your comments are always appreciated!

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