Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Cards for My Cousin!

My husband started a little 'tradition' that when we give cards to each other for any special type occasion, we give one silly, and one serious card. It's always fun to see what silliness we can each come up with, and my husband always picks the BEST cards that say exactly the right things.
SO, with that in mind, I have a cousin with a birthday coming in a few days, and I made him these 2 cards... He LOVES the movie Cars, and so even though I've had this cart since Christmas, I just got it out today. Yes, I know... BAD GIRL! LOL

I had a good time with my glaze pens highlighting the wheels and eye centers... but a trick I've used a lot recently is to cut the small pieces in white or a major color, and then use my Stampin' Up markers to finish the coloring. On the 95's and the yellow front headlights, I cut them in yellow, and then colored them with the Mustard marker! What a hassle saver!!
The pop-up card is something I've done many times already, but they're just so much fun!!! I used one of the EK success punches for the candles, and my Cupcake SU wheel for the 2 borders. I had fun with the markers and the Crystal Stickles!! It's amazing how they just pick up the underlying color and make it sparkle!! I used it on the candle tops, the cupcake confetti, and the other little things that needed accenting.

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