Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cards for Soldiers "Help Wanted" - and a little break...

Two things in this post...
First, I want to tell you about Cards for Soldiers!

Follow that link to help make cards for our fighting men to send home for their families!
The (very simple) rules are there on the beginning post!
Basically, you sign up to make cards on the theme provided, send them off to your shipper (based on your time zone), and they are then whisked away for the service men to send to their families!!
It's a GREAT cause, and helps others!!!

I'm taking just a teeny-tiny break from my blog for right now. Why, you ask??
1. We had some pretty devastating news this past Monday, and I'm still trying to work through it. I had all my hopes and 'dreams' pinned on this promotion my husband applied for and he didn't get it. I know it sounds a little superficial, but it was one of our major 'life' goals... and now we are derailed for quite awhile.

2. I've got some big projects I'm working on and will preview them SOON - but I don't want to give away the surprise!!!

Yes, I'm keeping up with my Design Team projects, and the one swap I'm finishing...

3. I'm beginning a new school year on a new campus, and I need to get into a new routine with ALL new teachers. That just takes lots of time.

I appreciate all the wonderful comments so much!!! Thanks to those who leave the encouraging words.

Sue V.
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