Monday, April 6, 2009

So I Have to Tell You A Story About My Panda.....

Now he's not really a Panda... that's just a nickname I use for my little kitty. Sandy is going to be two this month... and he's a real Aries, if you know what I mean. I call him a ton of names. Sandy (which he answers to); Sandy Panda!; Panda; Baby Kitty!; My Sweet Thang; etc. You get the point. LOL

I love him SO much. He's adorably cute, and just as soft as anything. You can't believe how soft this cat's fur is until you pet him... and then each time you pet him it's a surprise how soft this cat's fur is!!

Well, my husband Bennie feeds and changes their litter (we have 2 cats) -and would rather kick them than pet them. (more on that later)

And I'm the momma so I get to cuddle and love and pet them. They will sit on me, and sleep on me when I'm in my recliner. They rub on my legs and Hank loves to play "Pop Up Kitty" because when I'm on the computer, he puts his two front paws on my leg to get my attention until I pick him up. It's really hard to work on the computer when this big Hankie is sitting on you!!!

So when Sandy decided he needs something, he follows Bennie (my husband) around the house meowing quite loudly and demandingly! He really follows him all over the house! He doesn't give up, either. Bennie will ignore him for a little while and then start yelling back at him to shut up, etc. LOL I just have to laugh, 'cause that cat is PERSISTENT!!!!! When I finally tell Bennie to check what he wants, Sandy will lead him right exactly to what he wants. That's no dumb kitty!!!

Last week one day, Sandy just wouldn't give it up - and they had food and water - but he wouldn't stop crying after Bennie! After a closer look, we discovered ants in their food - UH! So they got some clean food, and I sprayed the area with some safe ant repellant... and there was again peace in our house.

I'm going to have to get some video of this... it is just the funniest thing to see!

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