Sunday, June 26, 2016

OMG! I saw it on Pinterest!

How many times have you heard that?  I know I say it a lot, and I hear others say it as well.  Fashion (not my thing), Home Decor (sometimes my thing), Recipes (DEFINITELY my thing), and crafts....  (almost always my thing)!

I saw cards made with this stamp set and die cut images, and HAD to have them!  I love anything fancy and scroll-y.  This really fit the bill.  The Happy has a really interesting flair to it, and the die cut is SO cool!

No excuses, right?  BUT this was my first try at it, and I've already got another one of these cut I want to use my alcohol markers on to see if it will make it glow.

Stay tuned... this will be used often, and it will look a lot better than this first try (even though I still like it).

HERE is a link to the stamp set, and scroll down for a look a the 2 sets of die cuts.

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