Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Catalog (2016-2017) Event Samples 6

HOW many samples posts is this person posting!?!?!  You've got to be asking yourself that by now.....
Well, I knew we had this event coming today, and school let out early this year because we didn't have any snow days, so you might have 15 or 18 posts in total with everything I've made so far, and I still haven't even made my Make and Takes at this point because I still need to order those items!  (I'm writing this post on May 31st).  I've also had coffee this morning... and I'm quite awake!!

So far I've been working with the new colors I could pre-order, and my "old" stamps that are still in the catalog to show all the different options.  Just think.... These are just MY samples!  There are two other demonstrators at this event!!!!!  There will be samples galore!

So these two cards are a mix of the "old" colors and the second card shows the "new" in-colors we have to work with until 2018.  I'm thrilled, because I really LOVE them!

 I've struggled with this stamp set.  I LOVE it, but struggle with it.  I finally found a similar idea on Pinterest I was able to make work.

Don't get me wrong- I've acutally used this stamp set and punch many, MANY times!  I use it for school - it works great for combinations!  It's a problem-solving strategy the kids need to know how to use well.

Here is the card - again amplified! I added one more scoop of ice cream, a black mat, and Washi tape.  I changed out some of the colors as well.

A TIP:  Use the Stampin' Up! Grid paper to help line up the Washi Tape to keep it straight.  LOVE that Grid Paper!

If you'd like to make these cards or any of the other projects I've showed here on the blog, contact me.  I'd love to be your Stampin' Up Demonstrator!

The products I used:

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