Monday, July 20, 2009

Very Brave, and Very LAZY kitties!

I just have to share these pictures of my 2 babies!!!

Every time I'm in our 'office' working on the computer they just HAVE to come and spend time with me. So here's Hank... he just took up curling up here... all I have to do is reach down and give him a scratchy on his ear, and he's a happy kitty!!

Sandy just LOVES my feet!!! He's not one of those cuddly cats (to my dismay) but he loves feet... so he'll curl around my toes and keep them warm, and he loves it when I scratch his ears with them! Such a strange thing he is... but very adorable!!

EVERY time someone rings the doorbell, comes in from outside, or the phone rings, they RUN and hide behind my chair!! Aren't they BRAVE! LOL

There they are, hiding again! Such silly kitties!!

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