Saturday, July 18, 2009

NEW Cricut Cartridges! Announced July, 2009!

What a surprise in the Design Studio update!!!

** NOTE: All of these screen shots are from the Imagine That Blog... AND are linked back to the original blog so you can see ALL the screen shots.
There are at LEAST 4 'pages' for each new cart... it's worth the time to go and look!!!!

This one is: From My Kitchen click on the pic for a link to
MORE shots of this amazing cart.

This one is Picturesque... click on the picture to see more
screenshots, and TAGS!!! Awesome Tags!

This one is also a full sized cart!
Winter Woodlands! Click on the picture to see MORE
Screenshots! TAGS, 3D figures! SO much more!!

Here's a solutions cartridge: Sweethearts!
This one features cards, and TAGS, and lots of other things!
It shows as a solutions cart, BUT seems to function like
a full size cartridge! Click on the picture to see all the
amazing tags, cards, etc. that you can create!

FINALLY! Another Paper Dolls cart:
Everyday Paper Dolls. Click on the picture to see
all the possibilities!!!

and last but NOT least.. Serenade!
This is also a solutions cart with some beautiful cuts!!
Click on the pic to see all the amazing options!!

Come on, Provo Craft!!

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