Monday, July 27, 2009

Tracy's Christmas Challenge - May!! Yes, late, but DONE!

So our challenge this month of May was to:
1. Make 5 cards as always.
2. The main image is to be the sentiment.
3. Use as much or as little pink as you like, but it must include some pink!

So truthfully, I wasn't so crazy about this challenge... and put it off, as well as finishing up the school year and being exhausted with all of that going on....

When I finally sat down to do these, I remembered I had bought a stack of Christmas paper a LONG time ago, and recalled that there was pink paper in that stack! I also remember thinking with attitude, WHY would someone put pink paper in a Christmas stack!!!! I mean, I can understand blue or purple along with the reds and greens.... but pink!!?? Now I sure am glad they did it!!

These are my very late May Christmas Challenge cards.

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