Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!! My favorite restaurant DIED!

Last night we went out for dinner so my mother-in-law could have her favorite soup....

We are planning, as we always do on Friday night to have a nice dinner out - at my favorite place, Up The Creek.

Well, when we drove past last night, IT WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!! They had a big tarp over the sign on the street (which was still relatively new) - and a note taped to the door that said they are now closed... and Guess Who's Coming printed on the tarp.

I am SO sad! I really loved the way they grilled the fish there!
The service was GOOD! The waitress we always requested was AWESOME, and management was so nice!!! The restaurant was decorated so great too... metal cattails and fish 'sculptures'.... the tables and booths were set up very comfortably... the music was GREAT!

I am SO sad!!!
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