Monday, July 27, 2009

Tracy's Christmas Challenge - June!! Yes, it's late, but it's DONE!!

The layers for the snow at the bottom just wouldn't cut, so I got out my Liquid Applique. WOW is that stuff AWESOME for snow effects! I let it dry, and the got out my heat embossing gun... it looks JUST like snow! I hope you can see it in the picture!!

So our Christmas card challenge for June was to:
1. Make 5 cards, as always
2. All cards must use the same main image but do not necessarily need to be all alike.
3. make a card using a different fold other than just an A2 or A7 card.

Originally, I was going to make a Joy Fold card - I found these on someone's blog, and searched out the directions on SplitCoast Stampers. If you look down on my blog through some of my Lime Light Design Team posts, you'll see 2 Joy Fold cards I made.

I actually had these Stairstep card forms waiting for me since last Christmas, and decided since I had that AWESOME Christmas Solutions cart, I just had to use it!!!

Many years ago, I would have my students color victorian style houses, and we would make a Christmas night scene either on our back wall in the classroom, or down the hallway at the school. I had a Santa flying on his reindeer silhouetted on the moon, and either black or dk. blue paper as a background, and snowflakes falling. With the cuts on this cart, it reminds me so much of those years!!!


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