Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christmas in July - July 10, 2014

 I have fond memories as a child of Santa coming on Christmas Eve to Grandma's house to deliver our presents in person.  He came after we returned from our Christmas Eve program at church, and before my cousin's left for Midnight Mass... he timed it just SO well!  ;)

I'm sure this is one of the biggest reasons I love Christmas so much.

I have a teacher friend who will receive this card, or another Santa card I'll make during the year.  This will be the third, I believe.  Her son got a hold of the first one I sent to them, and kept saying that Santa had written to him!
She told me he wouldn't relinquish it!  So, every year, I make sure to send a Santa card. 

I believe this picture comes from the mid-70s... just look at that hair on Mom!  Hi Mom! :D
Santa would read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to us, talk to the group of cousins, have a drink with the adults, and then pass out our presents.  I put a couple of these pics up on Facebook, and we (all the cousins) had an amazing conversation about all our memories.  Turns out one of my older cousins does the same thing for her grandchildren!

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