Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dinner Invitation - Someday!

Last December I had a dinner party with our neighbors one evening between Christmas and New Year's.   We had a great time, and wanted to take the opportunity to get together again.

 These are the invitations I put together for this year's dinner party.  Problem is, it hasn't happened yet!  We planned it again before the new year but my husband got sick, and the neighbor got sick as well, so we postponed the dinner party.

The menu is all planned!   3 great appetizers,  a delicious main dish, 2 great sides, and a special cake for dessert.

Here we are at the end of January, and time has flown so fast.... things get busy, and I still have the invitations here!

They're just waiting for a 'date'!  I hope we can get a night everyone can come over before March!! :)

 The intention wasn't for it to look so Spring-y - I'd asked my husband what color I should use for the base, and he requested green.  Even though it's a dinner invitation for mid-winter, it sure has that Spring-y feel!!  **Next time I'll use Christmas trees! :D

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