Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 CD Case Calendars - November/December

 The last two calendars of 2013

 I like this cut of the cornucopia on the November calendar more and more as I see it.  I didn't think it looked like much in person, but if you pay attention to the negative spaces, it is quite impressive.  I also saw this leaf with the filigree type cut and thought that would be a nice addition.  It's actually meant to be part of a place card!

 As always, my favorite - December.  Note to self:  No blue backgrounds for December.  I used red this year twice, and thought the blue would look like a background wall, and the vertical wheel would help it look like wallpaper.
Even though Stampin' Up retired the stocking punch and stocking sets after only a 3 month run in the holiday catalog, I still get an incredible amount of use out of them.

I feel this year there wasn't a 'Dud' in the bunch! 

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