Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 Silly Kitties!

I've been working in my craft room a lot lately on some projects that I can't quite post.... BUT I did take these pictures!

This is usually how the kitties hang out...  sometimes "Poopie" hops in with Sandy on the top level.

 Sandy at the top, Hankie in the middle, and Witchy Poo (Poopie) on the back of my recliner. 

These are the pictures I took of the 2 silly kitties!  Hankie just won't open his eyes... too smart, I guess because he doesn't want to get shot in the eyes with the flash.  He's a good cuddler, and very talkative!

 Here's a Poopie... he sure looks like a devil cat with those shiny eyes, but he's very sweet, and will beg and bother you incessantly for treats!  He's a good cuddler too!  A very sweet kitty.

Hope you've enjoyed my quick kitty post! :)

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