Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stamp Camp 2013 Part 1

What a weekend!

We had our annual Stamp Camp weekend this past weekend, and Kathy had some amazing projects for us to complete!  (Pictures and explanations coming...).

But first, even before we started our weekend, some of our camp members signed up for a 3D swap.  No cards was definitely the rule, so I had to do some thinking and researching - and after looking around online, I found this little cute project!

 The base is the Mini Milk Carton die, with lots of details and embellishments.  We made 10 of each piece, and I came away with some really CUTE swap items!
Here's the back view of my mini bird houses.  It includes a tea light which glows through the vellum pieces in each of the 'walls'.

Here are a few of the swap pieces I received in trade:

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