Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stamp Camp 2013 Part 2

This year's Stamp Camp, I did most of the projects, so I didn't take too many candid shots of the ladies working - just this one.

 Kathy does a GREAT job of setting up everything and having materials ready for us to use and customize the projects to our own tastes, decor in our homes, or as gifts for friends and relatives.

 The Letters Project was a perfect example of this - We all chose a letter to complete (or more) then looked through the patterned paper available, and covered the letters.  After that, you could stamp and add any embellishments to the letter you wished.

Here are some of the samples the ladies made.

This next project drew LOTS of OOOoohh's and AAAAahhhhs when we started getting this project finished.

We started with plain white canvas backing,  a page from a hymnal, and 2 plain wooden crosses.
 After tearing and tea staining the hymnal page, we painted the canvas background in one of 3 or 4 colors, and the edges of both crosses.

 As you can already see, this is where all similarities ended.  Each set of crosses looked completely different, but so amazing!

This black and white cross set got lots of rave reviews.  It's really stunning in person!

So, these were projects I took pictures of from some of the other members..... next post - the projects I made!

Modge Podge was definitely the word of the day for both of these projects!

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