Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stamp Camp 2013 Part 3 My Finished Projects

This post shows the projects I completed from our Stamp Camp last weekend.

I actually didn't get to finish this one there... just ran out of time.  I had to go home to sleep, so I brought this one home and finished it Sunday afternoon.  The only thing I brought with me were the tag pieces, the wires, and blocks.  I had the Christmas paper (one of my favorites...).

 It's actually a set of 6 blocks, Ho, Ho, Ho!  I'm sending this along for my sister so she can display some of her pictures when the boys were little - sitting on Santa's lap.

The next two pictures are the letters I made.  The S is for Mom and Dad, and can be hung in the kitchen - it will match the colors nicely.

This one I made for me - I loved the crosses in the black and vanilla.  This is already hanging in my craft room.  Love it!

I'll make some more of these for Christmas, but definitely need to find a solution for attaching the hanging hooks.  :)

The next two projects are perfect stocking stuffers!  Lip Balm holders!  They open up to a "to and from" message you can write on, and a lip balm inside each one.  VERY cute projects!

I really hope you can see all the detail in this frame - each approximately 2 inch square is embossed with a different folder - then mounted and embellished with red and green details.  I took some extra time with this, and I'm SO happy it turned out beautifully!  No sure yet to whom this will be gifted.

This is my version of the Cross Project.  I had to pick a Christmas Hymn (my favorite holiday), and wanted a lighter background.  I chose paper from the Morning Mocha stack, and if you look closely, you can see the gold shimmer in some of the paper details.  It works perfectly with our living room furniture, and will hang in our living room permanently.

This last project was actually a necklace, but I wanted it to be just a heart, so I didn't mount in on the jewelry.  We shaped the clay, and allowed at least 6 hours for it to dry.  We then stamped on it, used Crystal Effects to make it shine, and mounted the rhinestones.    Such a cute project!

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