Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Did It! Such Wonderful News!

The last few years I've competed at our area State Fair.  It's such a strange name, called the Tulsa State Fair -  I've said it, and I've heard it many times....  "Since when is Tulsa a state?"  Silly, yes.  But it's HUGE!

This year I entered 3 items - 2 craft pieces, and a cake.  This afternoon my husband and I had a chance to go to the fair to check out how I did on my entries, and take a walk around the fair.  Like I said, it's HUGE!  We walked the midway and had a great time looking at all the rides, and through the buildings of competitive exhibits, the 4H exhibits - livestock etc.

I'm so thrilled to say that my yearly project - the calendars took a first, AND the division sweepstakes!  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!  :)

This is a project Mom and I spend about 2 weeks together working on when they (Mom and Dad) come to visit.  I usually spend about a month preparing the pieces for assembly as well.

 In the labels section here on the blog, if you click on CD case calendars, you can see close-ups of each page.

This was my second craft entry - it's a gift set of cards - all with that flower, but in a large array of different colors, and with matching stamped envelopes.  This was also a big project I did, and gave them as Christmas gifts.

Click HERE to see the entire set of cards in this gift set.

My chocolate cake... that everyone loves so much... that I make SO often I don't need the recipe now.....  Zilch.  :(  Oh well.  It is a great cake.

I'm just thrilled my calendars and card set did so well.

Thank you!

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