Sunday, June 2, 2013

Witchy Poo Pics Selection of 2010 to 2012

Yesterday, while at our latest New Catalog Stamp Event, I had a request from two of the girls to show more pictures of Witchy Poo (Poopie) here....  they thought he was under represented.. SO, here goes! :)

This a pic from the day I got Witchy Poo from Sandra's niece - Hankie is used to seeing new kitties around, but he doesn't always like it!  I love this picture!  Shows such a difference between a 6 week old kitten, and an 11 year old Hankie!

Here's the other kitty Sandy getting introduced to Witchy Poo for the first time...  Sandy ran away from him for the first week!  It was pretty funny.  He's such a scaredy cat!

This pic shows how teeny-tiny he was!!  Just fit in the palm of my hand. 

Since I spend so much time in my craft room, I introduced the new baby to my work desk.  He still likes to explore and isn't too hard on my crafts, but every once in awhile, I find a stray sponge on the floor....  guess he found a toy. :) 
This pic is from our first Christmas putting up the tree.  He was 2 at this time... and as far as we know, he didn't climb in the tree.  You can see the other two sitting under the tree - he likes to join them too... all kitties under the tree!

This is one of Poopie's favorite perches - loves to sit on top of my paper rack!  He's pretty good at NOT knocking things off.... which is a little surprising.

Here they are.... 3 kitties hangin' out - and my husband's feet too! 
Sometimes, Sandy and Poopie will share the top perch on the kitty tower.  Sometimes.  The box of Kleenex was put up there to discourage him from perching there.  It works sometimes. :)
This is one of his favorite perches - on the back of my recliner.  Have to watch out though... he gets out that whippy tail, and will smack you HARD upside the head!  That's not so much fun! :)

Witchy Poo - quite a study in contrasts this kitty is... he's just about to turn 3.  He's so sweet and affectionate and loves to cuddle... BUT he'll chase the other two relentlessly and sometimes we find tufts of fur on the carpet from some of their "play" encounters. 

He also wags his tail like a dog!  It's really unusual, and freaks out my friend Dee a little - most kitties are angry when they wag their tails as a sign to leave them alone, but he does it when he's happy!  He doesn't growl much, and makes all kinds of cute meow-y noises.

My husband says he's too smart for his own good, and we are sure he's smarter than my other two kitties.

OK Sandra and Robin!!  Here are some Poopie pictures!!  Leave a comment or two! :) :)

Talk to you soon.

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