Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 Christmas Card Challenge - July!

"Christmas Is Coming!!!"  Since Mom read this comment I wrote in June, it's been an even bigger running joke!  We're having lots of fun with it.

SO, July is here!!  I'd LOVE it if you would post a comment on this post and tell me what YOU are doing for Christmas in July!  I know our local Hobby Lobby's will be putting out the Christmas ornaments and trees already....  I want to check out all the new ornaments for sure.

Our theme for July is.... SANTA!
You can use your Cricut (like I did) to cut a Santa and decorate him...  Use a Santa Stamp from any one of the many stamp companies out there.... OR use your punches to MAKE a Santa!  I've seen some really cute ones!!  I love the Victorian style so much, I had to use this Santa.  He took lots of inking and details, but I really like him!

The basic rules are the same, create 6 Christmas cards based on the theme of the month, take a photo showing all 6, and enter it into the linky from your blog or website.  **Don't have a blog of your own??  1.  You could start one.... or 2. contact me, and I have a solution for that issue.

Click HERE for the original post including the (very easy and straightforward) rules to the Challenge.

Get your cards made, and entered into the Linky below by the 20th!!! Can't wait to see what you've made!

Put mine to shame, I'm sure!

Your comments are always appreciated!
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