Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Kitten Pictures!!! **and 2 older, unhappy SPOILED kitties!

So as many of you know, I have 2 orange kitties... Hank, who's 11 and is more 'red' of the two, and Sandy who is just 3 years old, and was named for his color... also known as Sandy Panda, and many other variations of that silly name I gave him.

SO, I got a phone call from one of my Stamp Club members - we had talked about getting another cat since 3 is a good number for us to have, and I wanted a long-haired black cat this time. Wednesday morning, I got a call wondering if I could take two rescues. I wasn't looking for two cats, but I took them to save them from being put-down the next morning.

One of the two kittens, who I got a picture of, but will not post didn't survive the night, but the other one is doing very well!

His name is: WitchyPoo, Sir Rambunctious - since he's all black, and my husband things he's pretty active for such a little thing!!

So, this kitten is learning the ways around the house, sleeping a lot, and making the other two big kitties VERY upset.

Here you can see the baby eating, and Hankie investigating... what a difference in size! I forget how big my kitties are, since they are always my babies (to me)!!

Here's Hankie with the baby again, doing more checking!!

Here's the baby discovering the sun for the first time... and he laid there for quite awhile! You can see the shadow of our hummingbird feeder, and the baby chased it on the carpet for a little while.

Sandy is NOT adjusting well to being the middle child now.. LOL He's been hissing, but when the little one comes near.. he RUNS away FAST! It's WAY too funny!! Here's this big Panda, and he's scared of the little sweet kitty!

Sandy seems to have forgotten how he used to chase Hank all around. Hank used to get on top of the rocking chair, 'cause Sandy was so small, he couldn't get to him there, and Hankie would be safe!

I thought this picture was just WAY too cute not to share.

Hankie has just not been happy with this new addition, though he's a little more accustomed to having new family members. He had to get used to Sandy coming into the family.

I found him like this.... TRYING to hide under the sofa.... all I saw was this big kitty's hind-end... "Silly Hankie!"

with only his head under the sofa! They are low enough to the ground that the bigger kitties can't get under the new furniture... so that's all that fit.. his head! LOL

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