Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to use Sizzix Bigz XL dies in your Cuttlebug!!

SO.... you LOVE the Bigz XL dies... but don't want to purchase a Big Shot or Big Kick??
ME TOO! :)

I saw lots of how-to videos on You Tube on how to use all the other dies in a Cuttlebug... but no one had one for the Bigz XL or 3D dies!

Here is a series of pictures I took while making more of my pop-up Christmas Trees for cards.

**Click on any picture for a screen-size view - then hit the back button to return to the tutorial.

You will need 4 B plates for this. I always have 4 since I use two for die-cutting only, and 2 for embossing only. Just keep your embossing plates on the top, and they won't get marked with the die.

First, I took a 12x12 sheet of green, and folded it in half.
I laid the die on the platform, the cardstock for cutting, then the first B plate over the die.
Next, I placed the 2nd B plate and slid it about an inch forward over
the front of the die. This allows the die to run through your Cuttlebug (CB).

Here is another view just as I'm going to run the die through the CB.

This shows the first 2 plates almost through, and now I'm "butting" the other two B plates tight to meet the first 2 plates.
When the 2nd set start running through the pressure rollers, be sure to hold them by either pushing or giving pressure from the top and bottom as the next 2 plates go through.

This photo shows all the plates on the other side, run through the CB. I always run the die forward, then backwards. It seems to give a cleaner cut, but you don't have to!
When running the die backwards, be sure to give pressure on the first top plate as it goes back through the pressure rollers.

**See caption on picture.

I hope this little pictorial tutorial helps!!! I have 3 of the Bigz dies, and LOVE them!!! You can see the Christmas Tree in the very next post as you scroll down.
PLEASE leave comments - I'd LOVE to know if this helped you!!!

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