Monday, June 29, 2009

Back from Vacation!!!

This year, we took an entire week plus a few days of driving time to go to Florida!

We stayed at our timeshare (parking is a pain in the @$$ there!), and went to Disney 2 days,

Universal Studios 1 day, 1 day we drove to Miami, 1 day to Cape Canaveral, and 2 days for spending in Orlando bumming around and shopping, touring, and visiting the GREAT restaurants!

Here are just 3 pics of the 700+ we took, and LOTS of video!!

Animal Kindom is by FAR my favorite park!!! It's so relaxing -

not stressing like the other parks can be, every cast member (in ALL the parks) is so very nice!! I think the shows and rides here are among the BEST...
This is a picture of the journal I made for the trip... a nice way to use some of my DCWV papers, my 50 States Cart, and Mickey!!! I filled almost 40 pages of things we did on our week-long trip. No wonder we're wiped out now!!

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