Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pinterest WIN! No Solicitors Sign

This is the original sign of the very MANY "No Soliciting" signs I saw on Pinterest...  I thought it was hilarious, and decided I just had to make one of my own!  We don't have many solicitors in our neighborhood, but around election time, and people trying to sell us windows, it gets annoying.

This is my version.  I found "Outdoor" Mod Podge, and tried it here.  Should last through wind, and rain, and dark of night... I hope!  Ice and snow here as well!

I used larger sized letters than the original, so I stopped by Hobby Lobby one afternoon for just a small piece of wood for the last 2 words.  I decided they didn't need a "Please".

I still think it's hilarious!  Now I just need to call my neighbor and tell her it's really OK to stop by for flour, or sugar, or milk!  :D

 photo enjoybermudabay.jpg
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