Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pinterest WIN! Chandelier Wreath for Valentine's Day

I saw this on Pinterest -liked it a lot, and decided I could make one and probably do a pretty good job of it!
This is my creation!  Once I started making it, I found a few differences.  The original Pinterest pinner must have used a selection of precut packaged hearts because they were all the same size.  They also had all the same cut outs, and were just presented in different colors.
 I used a metal wreath base, and red ribbon with white lace over the top.  I also used a large wired polka dotted ribbon for the top to disguise the S hook I bought to hang it.  Works pretty well, actually!   I do feel I could add more ribbon to the wire wreath base, and will do that next year before I hang it again.
Here you can see a better close-up of the hearts I cut..... 3 each to make it look fuller, and different sized down the red/white twine hanging pieces.  I then used the bow maker my dad made, double bows tied to the very ends of the twine for 2 reasons.  1.  to weigh down the twine so it would hang better.  2.  to give it a more finished look, using the same ribbon for the bows as I did for the ties around the top of the wreath.

Stampin' Up Design Series Papers, Hobby Lobby paper, Paper stacks from my stash.  All ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and the twine is from Stampin' Up.

As I said, I believe it's a Pinterest WIN! :) 

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