Friday, December 27, 2013

Family's Christmas Gifts ~ Part 2

Part 2 of 3 of the Christmas gifts I made this year for the family.

I made 9 of these note card holders and card sets for family and friends this year.  The idea came from my up-line Kathy who always has such AWESOME projects for us!  I made a few changes, and sent them to family members and some friends I reconnected with this year.

These wall letters also came from Kathy during our Stamp Camp in early October this year.    They are customized for each family.

This W went to my cousin and his wife in Texas.  

This W is for my Aunt and Uncle.

This S is for another Aunt and Uncle.

This G is for my nephew and his wife.  He was pretty puzzled why I asked about the colors in their house.  Guess he figured out why now. :)

This G is for my sister and her husband.  They have a log home, and I know the colors will work GREAT in their place.

This is for my nephew.  He's single, so no flowers for him!  :)

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