Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Family's Christmas Gifts - Part 1


Notepads don't really sound like that big of a deal, but when you need to write a list, remember something, or get a phone number (if you don't have your phone with you) they can actually be pretty handy.

This past year I attended the Dallas Stampin' Up Regional Conference.  It was GREAT - and one of the projects we made was this notepad.  I knew these would make great gifts!!!  I've personalized each one.

 This one is another Duct tape creation - the original one!  My friend Dee is CRAZY for OSU, and this is what I came up with for her.  It has lots of little touches - punches, glitter pen, a paper flower, etc.

 This owl is for my friend Melissa.  I finally broke down and bought the punch after borrowing hers and making this owl for her.  It was terrible of me to borrow her punch to make her gift, but no one else I know has it, and I had a good laugh to myself until I got to tell her the story!  LOL  :D  I don't like the owl stamps, but this punch makes some really ADORABLE owls, or bats, or whatever!!!

My cousin married a young lady with quite a musical gift!  This piano notepad is for her.  I used Bermuda Bay to break up the black and white.  No one in the family could tell me her favorite color, so I had to just choose one and go with it.

I put together 7 of these notepads in about an hour.  The hardest think was finding green paper to match the darker logo!  I'm going to have to look harder to find a better match.
The logo is again Duct Tape! :D  I'm having way too much fun with that stuff!  I bought football brads at the Scrapbook show this past August thinking I was going to use them on the calendars, but they never made it to the final design, and ended up working perfectly on these!

It's really hard coming up with ideas for the men in the family - note card sets?  That doesn't work.  Flowery cards?  Nope!  That doesn't work either!  BUT I have a feeling these Packer notepads are going to be just fine!  :)

Please enjoy!  More pictures coming with the rest of the notepads I made.

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