Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Christmas Card Challenge - May 2013!

 They always say April showers bring May flowers - well, here in the mid-south (some say the Southwest).... we had SNOW on May 2nd - which breaks all known records...

It's been a LOT colder than normal this year, and with a 2 year long drought - the amount of rain we've had lately is a wonderful thing!

On that same bent, the Christmas Card Challenge theme for May is:


Punched, embossed, hand-cut, scherenschnitte (I really LOVE that technique), Cricut cut, etc. etc. etc. 

Click HERE to see the entire set of rules for my Christmas Card Challenge!

Basically, create 6 cards based on the month's theme including the inside sentiment and stamped envelopes to coordinate with the stated theme.

I've used this Cartridge before, and spent a little time working on picking small pieces but I think they turned out very well!!
There is a Nativity snowflake, snowmen snowflakes, gingerbread men snowflakes, Christmas candy snowflakes, and a Santa snowflake!  It cracks me up that there's a snowman snowflake since snowflakes are their source. LOL  :) 

I also embossed each background with 2 different folders - an old favorite, and a new larger design.

I hope you enjoy these really unique, unusual snowflake cards!


One of the new rules this year is to have the insides and envelopes all complete.  I did stamp the insides of the cards with a sentiment, but forgot to take a picture!  Whoops!  :(


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