Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cricut Cuts for my Sister

My sister Gail completed a scrapbook of her youngest son's journey from very early (1st birth pictures) to his high school graduation.  She did the same thing for her oldest as well.

This time, with my Cricut, I'm excited to say I get to help her! :)

She needed a few cuts for some of the pages, and this is part of what I came up with for her to use in Zach's book.

Fries and Ketchup from the Cricut Lite Cartridge Fast food.  The fries are quite an optical illusion!!!

Red and black model cars from the Stampin' Up set Need for Speed.  I used watercoloring,Crystal Effects to give the red cars that showroom look, and black enamel paint to make the black model shine.  Going to take a look back at my notes to see what color the other car will be.

I still have a few more things to cut and ink.  They should fit right into the book.

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