Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cookin' with Mom!

My parents were here visiting for a few days, and of course, Mom and I had to get into the kitchen to do a little cooking.

My husband LOVES LOVES LOVES coconut cream pie, and though I'm quite a good cook, I've never made one.  I thought this would be the time to get one made.

I found 3 recipes, and after some discussion, we made the one out of the Taste of Home Baking cookbook.  I added more coconut in the custard base and topping the meringue than the recipe called for - because I knew Bennie would love that.

It turned out GREAT!!

Good quality time with Mom in the kitchen, and we all had some fantastic pie.

Winner, Winner, Coconut Pie after Dinner!

LOL  Sorry, couldn't resist.

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