Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stationery Box Refills - A Very Special, Specific Request

My dear friend Antonio requested a set of cards to refill his Stationery Box I made so long ago. He requested black and white as a color theme, and I asked if I could use blue as an accent color. Black and white look so classy together... I like the combination but needed something for a little color.

Why all music themed? He spends much of his time away from work at his music. He is an amazing pianist, and sings beautifully. I've asked him before why he's not on stage... it's a good answer, but I still think he should reconsider. At the school for our Christmas program we played together for the performance. It was fantastic!

Here they are... 20 cards with a variety of techniques including a new one I've discovered recently!

These two have embossing glitter in 1 and 3 colors respectively. Indigo blue, and the second card has Antique Copper, Honey Comb, and Goldenrod.

The shadow card is a new technique we played with at Stamp Club last night. This one is going to be fun to work with! More details later!!

There they are - all 20 cards!

Your comments are always appreciated!

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