Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Colin Firth!!!! Sept. 10, 1960

OK, so WHY am I making this post??? Because I really LOVE Colin Firth! I've seen almost every one of his movies, and as some of you know, I watch Pride and Prejudice every weekend! Yes, EVERY weekend (unless we're traveling).

Why do I love CF so much??
1. He's a Virgo!
2. He's just 8 days younger than my husband.
3. He's a wonderful actor.
4. He's Mr. Darcy!!

Today, my girlfriends are over crafting all day, and guess what's playing on the TV..... Pride and Prejudice!!! :)

"Think what you're doing, Lizzy. You'd be a simpleton indeed if you let your fancy for Mr. Wickham lead you to slight a man of ten times his consequence." That told her! :)

Happy Birthday, Colin!

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