Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preliminary House Hunting in the Dallas Area

Here are some pictures we found of two houses we loved in the N. Dallas area. There were actually 4 we REALLY liked - but one was just absolutely, way too big, and the other one we didn't get pics. :( But we did talk to the family, and got to see inside - the kitchen is GREAT! and the backyard is GREAT!

When will we move? NO IDEA - BUT when the job comes through, we learned 2 very important things.
1. The house size and prices are right for our budget.
2. The areas we wish to live are quiet, and well-kept.

These are the two houses we found.
House 1.
The one big drawback of this house is that the
front of the house faces almost full west. Talk about HOT!
We'd get sun screens or something, but Whew!!
This one also needs some maintenance - paint, shutters
need replacing, and it has some water damage that needs fixing, etc.

House 2.
VERY nice too. I'd be happy with this one
as well.
The best part of this house is that there are only
one or two windows facing west.
This one has a bit of a wonky driveway - will we
have trouble if the neighbors park too close??
Hmmmmm It's in a really nice cul-du-sac though
and won't see too much traffic.

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