Friday, July 15, 2016

Nursery/Playroom Decor Matchbox Cars

I saw this idea on Pinterest as so many ideas I've found lately.

If this doesn't fit well in the nursery, I figure my nephew and his wife can hang this in Felix's eventual playroom.

I have plans to make another one of these as a Christmas gift for another baby boy in the family.  It will be a W... we'll definitely need more cars!!

 My husband isn't always a big fan of my craft work, BUT when I told him I needed matchbox cars, he thought I'd dip into his collection.  I think that scared him pretty good!  BUT I wanted new ones.  He was really helpful in finding some great cars, and also had input on the placement of each car.
This letter is MUCH bigger than the F I posted previously.  This G is probably 2 feet tall.  It's BIG! As I was taking the pictures, my little black curious kitty decided he had to see what was going on.  He likes to be in the center of things for sure!  Silly Poopie!!

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