Thursday, August 30, 2012

Five Question Friday - August 24, 2012

1. What do you enjoy doing the most with your spouse?
We usually have a great time together, but traveling has to be the thing I like doing most with my husband.  Our goal is to go to all 50 states, England, and Australia, with some others thrown in for good measure.  We've already tackled quite a few on our list, and are always talking about the next trip, the next adventure. 

2. How do you eat your taco? From the top or from the side?
I had a taco tonight for dinner!!  I'm a side-eater!  Load it up, take a bite, and let it overflow. :)

3. Have you ever shut off the basement light and ran like a fool because you knew someone was down there and would get you?
Since I moved out of my parents house (a LONG time ago) I won't even go back in the basement!  I now send my husband down there if I need something. :)  I always hated that basement, it was scary, and made funny noises.

4. If you could change one thing about you what would it be and why?
MMMM  Only one?  I have a hard time finishing some things.  I have some projects I started years ago, and haven't touched them since.  I'd like to actually start and FINISH a weight loss program successfully, but probably need serious help.  

5. What age do you think is appropriate to have the "bird and the bees" talk with your children?
In this day and age, probably 11 or 12 depending on their maturity level... if they are more aware, probably late in the 10th year.  Some that are very protected, probably 14 or 15.  I think it really depends on the kid.  

Your comments are always appreciated!

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