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10th Anniversary Travels

This is a pretty photo-loaded post...{Click on any of the pictures for a larger version.}  In late June, early July my husband and I took a 10th anniversary trip out west.  My goal was to see the Grand Tetons.  If you don't already know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains, waterfalls, "big rocks", and all things historical.

SO, we set out on June 29th, and took a wonderful trip up through Nebraska to start since Colorado Springs was having problems with the wildfires at the time.

On our 2nd day out, we saw a sign on the highway for a Pony Express Station.  Since our rule is "20 miles", we decided to stop....  The pictures were taken in Gothenburg, Nebraska.  It's been relocated to acity park, and when you go in there are all kinds of displays and exhibits.  The clerk was very knowledgeable about the area, and all things Pony Express.  We saw a sign that was advertising for Pony Express riders - they wanted young, skinny boys, preferably orphans.  Bet you didn't know that! :) 


Here are two of the MANY pictures we took at the entrance to Estes Park, right before you enter Rocky Mountain National Park.  This was a great valley to drive through with the mountain streams running just at the base of the rocks.

On the way out of RMNP, and Estes Park, I saw a rock formation called Devil's Backbone.  There was a scenic drive-out, and parking area so we went in to take some pictures.  It's a huge rock formation running along the top of a ridge, and driving from both sides, it really does look like a huge backbone sticking up out of the hills.

This Trail Center was such a nice surprise!  It is located in Montpelier, Idaho, right along the Oregon Trail!  We were driving from Wyoming into Idaho, and had to stop for lunch.  This HUGE building was right across the street, and I decided we just had to stop after lunch.  What a nice surprise that was!

We stayed in Idaho Falls, Idaho for 4 nights.  It was a good central location for the places we wanted to see around the area, and the hotel we stayed at was VERY VERY nice!  Great room, great front desk service, nice people.... BEAUTIFUL scenery!

These are just two of the pictures I took of Idaho Falls, off the Snake River right in the middle of the city!  There's a greenbelt - park area with benches, parking areas, etc.  Lots of people were walking there in the afternoons, early evenings.  They took picnics and blankets, walked the trails, just watched the falls.  It's really a beautiful place.

 Ok, so you hear about the Rocky Mountains....  but when you're actually there... they are breathtaking!  We spent 2 days at the park, and just drove around.... stopped and walked...  I had to buy another memory stick for my camera!!!

These photos were taken in the park at one of the drive-outs on Jenny Lake. 

It doesn't look like it at all, but there are 4 lakes within the park!  It was so pretty!  The 2nd day we drove back here, and had lunch among the pine trees, just looking at the mountains.

YES, I could do that every day and never tire of the view.
 Two days at GTNP was definitely not enough.  We will go back to visit for sure.  Even with 2 days there, we didn't see everything, and drove past some places we were going to stop and never got back to.  Plus, we didn't even drive all the way up to Yellowstone - so that will definitely take even MORE time! :)

 July 4th, we drove up to Butte, Montana.  At the visitor center, I saw a pamphlet for the Mineral Museum.  Loving all things rocks, we just had to go!  It was in one of the University buildings, and very easy to find.  We had the entire museum to ourselves, and the man working there was very informative.
It's an impressive museum!  That gold nugget, by the way was HUGE!!!!!

  I really loved the blue color on the Azurite, and took lots of pictures!  So so pretty!
I took this as we left the Mineral museum, from the top of the parking lot looking down onto one of the mine entrances.  They were all over the town.

We stayed only a few hours in Butte, Montana - but there were lots of things to see!!!  We definitely could have spent more time there.

We stayed one night in the Salt Lake City area on our way back home, and I just had to get some pictures at the Stampin' Up offices.  I called ahead, and we arrived on a rainy morning.  The place was quiet, but very busy.  One of the front desk ladies was kind enough to show us around and give a little informational tour.  Thank You!  

We went to check out our timeshare location in Utah, and found the Olympic ski jumping venue on our way there!!!  It was starting to rain heavily and fog was rolling in quickly.  I got a couple pictures before the fog obscured my entire view.

Well - I hope you enjoyed my little photographic tour of our trip....  we took a total of 1,187 photos and video over the 10 day trip and had a WONDERFUL time!

We met lots of great people, and saw some absolutely beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and learned lots of interesting things during our travels.

Your comments are always appreciated!

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