Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Question Fridays! October 21, 2011

1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?
My escape is my craft room. I have my recliner there, my TV where I can watch Pride and Prejudice, and my Cricut and stamps. It's a good escape.

2. What shows are you watching this fall?
Dancing with the Stars! I also like Whitney - she's fun and has no filter.

3. What was the longest roadtrip you've ever taken and where did you go?
The longest road trip (as an adult) I was ever on was my honeymoon! We were actually gone a total of a month - 1 week in Vegas to get married and have the families meet; 1 week to drive 'cross country to Orlando stopping along the way to see attractions; 1 week in Orlando to see the parks - Universal and Disney; 1 week to take a cruise to the Bahamas and drive back home. We had a FABULOUS time, but came back exhausted!

As a child, (I was 13, my sister was 9) my family along with my grandparents did a 2 week trip around the states - Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri.

I remember this trip quite well and took my husband to visit Fenton Glass in West Virginia this past summer on one of our "shorter" road trips.

I guess I'm the road-trippin' queen!!! One to two big trips a year, and then smaller ones every couple of months. Rather drive than fly!!!

4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?
We don't have children, but we will definitely go back to see it again. LOVE Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

5. What is something people would surprised to know about you?
I started score-keeping baseball when the Brewers were in the World Series in the early 80's, worked with my college baseball team, score kept men's night league for about 15 years, and worked as the scorekeeper for a Yankee farm team in 1995.

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