Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies! 2009

We've had some wonderful neighbors welcome us to our new neighborhood, and since I do LOVE to bake at the holidays, I made up these trays. We went to deliver them tonight. I really do enjoy surprising people!!! My husband even made the rounds with me tonight to deliver the cookies. My dad and his dad would have never done anything like that!! Kudos to my husband for sure!!

This is the tray as it was delivered. I wrapped it in green saran wrap, and attached a note showing everything that was included on the tray.

My snowmen look a little sad, but they were fun to make! They do taste great!! It might be a sugar cookie recipe (here on the blog), but I added orange flavoring and orange zest to the dough. Yummy!!

I like these trees much better! It's a Wilton cookie cutter set. Bake each piece separately, and then 'stick' them together with frosting. I really like the sparkle gel frosting!!

Here are the meringue cookies I love so much... Snowballs, as they're sometimes called. I added mini chocolate chips as a surprise.

Who doesn't love chocolate dipped pretzels? I had a great time with the chocolate drizzle on the top.. can you tell?

These haystack cookies are my absolute favorite. They have some unusual ingredients for cookies - but they're absolutely delicious!!!! Can't you smell them?

Here's a picture of the saltine toffee I made. I'd looked at this recipe for almost 3 years now... and decided to try it. I shouldn't have waited this long! I wrote it down in my book immediately!

I hope you've enjoyed looking (and hopefully smelling) my selection of Christmas cookies and candy. My grandma, mom and aunt used to get together one weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas to make the Christmas cookies. My sister and I always helped... it was a HUGE job! They made just about anything you could think of. I don't do that much by far, but it's one of those traditions I must keep going!
Let me know if you'd like any of the recipes!

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