Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post 7 of New "Old" Things - Anniversary Cards

We just travel SO much... lots of time to the same places, but still travel often, I wanted to make this card for our anniversary.

I highlighted the map with stickles to show all the places we've already traveled, and the entire map to show where we still need to go!
I made this card in June of 2008... I look at it now, and like most of it, but realize how much my skills have improved!

June 2008... I cut all these hearts from Plantin Schoolbook... and just had a good time collage-ing!

The designs on the hearts are made with a template - and glaze gel pens.

Happily Ever After was cut from a Disney cart, and the gem highlighted with diamond stickles.

I made these in June of 2008 to celebrate our 6th anniversary. We always give 2 cute/funny one, one a little more serious.

I'm very excited to say that this year, 2009 my cards will be of much better quality! Having the Cricut and visiting the messageboard for over a year has greatly improved my skills above this level.

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