Saturday, May 5, 2012

The 2012 Christmas Card Challenge! May

Got it!! I went back to the original Blogger interface to fix the picture... I used White embossing powder on the snowflakes and tree, silver embossing powder on the Season's Greetings, and large rhinestones to cover the glue dots to adhere the vellum onto the card!

These cards were basically very simple, just embossing on the Pacific Point cardstock, and an embossed tree in white on vellum. The silver embossed sentiment and rhinestones add nice sparkle and shine to the cards.

OK.... So blogger has changed their format without telling anyone, and I am in the middle of figuring out how to: 1. Write comments between the pictures, & 2. Rotate the picture to its intended portrait view so you can see it properly. Obviously, Blogger didn't seek to inform anyone of these changes... so I have to do some looking around, and probably loud complaining!! RRRRRRRRR

Alright... Here we go! It's May! Can you believe it!??

I am THRILLED to say that we had someone join the Green April challenge, and her package is on its way... Yes, it's coming!

I'm very excited to announce the May theme since I took the liberty of making the (unusual) color choice since it's my birthday month, and I just had to choose my favorite color! Unfortunately, I have more than one.... so you will have two options this month on the theme!

The theme for May is: Blue! or Purple!!
These two are my very favorite colors, and you have the creative choices to add touches of color to the overall theme selection as always.
Part 2: Your sentiment must also include a Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, or Happy Holidays on the front.

Click HERE for the original post including the (very easy and straightforward) rules to the Challenge.

Get your cards made, and entered into the Linky below by the 20th!!! Can't wait to see what you've made! Put mine to shame, I'm sure!

Your comments are always appreciated!

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