Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Oklahoma Chinese Connection

I just had to share this card. There will be another post with all kinds of cards my friends and I have made as a fundraiser to send my friend's daughter to China through a school trip.

Seems that's quite the popular thing to do here in Okielandia - my school has an exchange program with a Chinese school every year, allowing our kids/teachers to go there, and a group of their students/teachers to come over to the states and visit.

Since the kids have to pay their own way, we decided to help raise money for the trip and have been spending one day every weekend making cards to sell at a craft show on February 25th and Jenks East Intermediate. If you are in the Tulsa area and know where that is.... come on by and take part helping to send some kids to China!!!!!

This card is one that just popped into my head one morning - I have the awesome Kitchen Sink stamps - the cowboy hat and boots sets as well as some Chinese Kanji character stamps... and I thought this would be a cute design. After stamping, matting, embossing, and hand-cutting the boots, this is was the creation!

Your comments are always appreciated!

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