Friday, February 17, 2012

My DELICIOUS Version of Iced Coffee

Over lunch one day, we were talking about coffee. Isn't that a conversation everyone has at some point with their co-workers?
One of the girls was telling us about how she makes the most delicious iced coffee drinks herself, and NEVER goes to xxx "quick" coffee shop.

Not being a coffee drinker myself, but always looking for delicious flavors, I grilled her about this for a week or two, and decided I had to try it myself. This was in October, or early November. I've now been making these coffee drinks for awhile.... they're addicting!!
Best thing of all??? NO SUGAR!!!!!!

Here's my drink all finished..... and the directions how? Keep scrolling!!

In the Magic Bullet cup, add about 1 inch of crushed ice. I started with cubes, but found the crushed ice works much better.

I add about 1 Tablespoon of instant coffee. My friend thought this was a lot, but it works for me.

Here's the best part.... SUGAR FREE!!! I like the Hazelnut flavor best, so I use more, and less of the Vanilla Caramel. I use between 2 and 4 Tbls. depending on how I feel that day. ;)

On top of this ice/coffee/creamer mix, I add 2 - 3 Splenda packets.

Fill the cup with cold water......

Screw on the blender cap, and let it mix away!!! I usually stop it when it stops "grinding".

There are so many variations that can be made of this coffee drink..... Do you have one?
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