Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Craft Room Organizational System!

This post is all about some of my organizational systems in my Cricut room.

First, I want it to look pretty, but I need things to be visible (or I forget about them) and 'each in his own place.'

On top of my stickles storage that Dad made for me are some cute ceramic flower pots I got on a huge sale at M's in the fall. They're handy for the Cuttlebug strip folders, my watercolor pens, a perch for my signature stamp, etc. etc.

Here is the stickles box Dad made. The top shelf holds all the colors with extra spaces I use for my Glitz stickles which sit in the back. The bottom shelf holds all my 'extras'... I stock up during August when the Scrapbook show is in town. I found the rose pulls at Lowe's, and Dad figured out a way to fit them on. Each 'drawer' pulls out so access to the colors is easy.

Here you can see the top drawer pulled out - which color do you need?

I have to tell you all about my Color Caddy from Stampin' Up. I got it on a killer deal from ebay! I'd been bidding on one for about 2 months, and all of a sudden, I got it for $35! I'm still very happy about this! I needed a better storage solution than the carrying cases I was using, and WHAT a deal!!! It's usually about $80 including all the taxes, shipping, etc. with the extensions. I love it!

Here are two tins I bought at Hobby Lobby and store my Cuttlebug folders in ABC order.

Here you can see one of them open. I store the new 5 x 7 size separately, but the A2's fit PERFECTLY in these tins.

Here is how I store my Cricut Carts. I use the Plano tackle storage. I've separated the carts by fonts, Disney/Solutions, and Shapes I and Shapes II to keep them all organzied. I write my name at the base, and the 2 (or more) letter codes we use on the Messageboard. For example: The Walk In My Garden cartridge, which I use very often is marked WIMG at the top so I can find them easier.

Since I'm now storing these in a darker location than a table-top I was using at the other house, I marked them darker on the side so finding what I wanted was easier. Here are my 4 filled containers for my carts... I have one waiting in case I need it!! :)

This is the system I use to store my booklets and overlays. I have a post showing a link to the directions to make these little folders. LINK
I have them also separated by fonts, and then all the remaining carts are in these folders in 2 other bins and 1 other photo box. The photo boxes fit the cart folders perfectly!

I'll be back soon with more pictures of the entire room itself, but I wanted to show some of my storage pieces. Dad really did an awesome job on the Stickles box!!! It was exactly what I needed.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

March Stamp Club and a Thank-You Card (OSW)

I really like this card... wouldn't it be SO perfect for a man's birthday card? Gotta love how all the layers work together with the ink matching the very background. It is so elegant in person. I will re-create this for some family birthday cards soon!!

I don't have this punch set yet... but I will!!! We've used it now for 2 completely different "flavored" cards; one was a Christmas, snowy theme, and now this Spring card. Can't you see rusts and deep yellows/oranges for a fall card?
I love the Spring, and this card is just perfect with the beautiful pink, green, and touch of blue.

Here is another One Sheet Wonder Card. I needed a thank you card for someone who helps us out occasionally, and my newest punch - the MS Wrought Iron was perfect here!!

Want more info. on One Sheet Wonders? Click the One Sheet Wonders label here in my blog, and I have links posted!
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes!

I kept telling my husband we were having more snow this year.... of course, he wouldn't believe me - and he works for the weather service! I was cheering when I heard we were having snow - but the timing was a little off. It was the 2 last days of our Spring Break!!! I had to take the opportunity to take some pictures of my spring flowers having to deal with the snow. We ended up with 4 1/2 inches of snow on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon, the majority of it was gone! I would have liked it to stay a little longer even though spring is my very favorite season.

Please enjoy!!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Daffodil!

The first daffodil of spring!

When we moved into this house in November, I planted almost 100 daffodil bulbs. (Yes, that's right, about 100!) I've never lived in a house where I could actually grow flowers... but now I do!!!

Spring is absolutely my favorite season with all the trees budding, and flowers blooming... I just had to show the first daffodil that bloomed in our yard. Many more are coming, and will be blooming over the next few weeks... I'm looking forward to next year where they will multiply! Whoo HOOO!

Please enjoy!!!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Name for our door!

There is an amazing lady I work with... when we moved into our new office room, I already had my name done with this cartridge. Last weekend, I spent a few hours working on getting her name done so it would be on our door as well.

I've gotten lots of compliments from others that pass by the door... (there are also some other Cricut cuts on the door from Home Decor) but our names in this 'font' get the most attention.

The letters are cut at 4 inches, all have a black shadow, and have some type of 3D gel pen work and stickles to make them look GREAT!!!

The big trick is always the apple for the period. I have to use real-size, and do some size calculations... otherwise these are pretty straight-forward.

Please enjoy!

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