Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cricut Booklets and Overlays Storage Solution!!! ***Update with pictures!!

I saw this post on the Cricut Messageboard earlier this week, and had to share!!! I hope lots of people can make use of this technique!!

Etha has designed a sleeve that fits perfectly in so many ways.
1. It holds both the book and overlay together
2. Each of the sleeves fits perfectly into a photo box, or crate.
3. They can easily be made in quantity for those of us that have LOTS of carts!

This is the link to her post, pictures, and diagram for MAKING these sleeves!

I am almost half done assembling the sleeves for my carts. I'll take pictures as soon as I have all of them made. It's an inspired idea!!!

So here they are all finished! It did take me 2 days with interruptions for work, cooking dinner, etc. I didn't go through all that awesome work Etha did in printing the cart names, or running a copy of the keypad on the outside... Hers are beautiful! Please go check them out.

**One thing I will add - These sleeves are also large enough to hold some extra cuts! If I know I'm going to use a certain cut often, I usually make a few extra. The sleeves would be a good place to store them neatly! The snack sized Ziplock bags fit PERFECTLY into the sleeves.

Pictures on the way!!
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