Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Christmas Cards - January

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Christmas cards for 2014?  Yes!

This past Christmas was wonderful!  I heard so many people say they didn't send cards because they ran out of time - haven't gotten around to it yet, won't send cards this year because they don't have time, etc.  I sat down one evening, signed our cards, added the address labels, and had them out in the post the very next morning.

Even though I stopped running the contest for prizes and participation of others mid year last year, I am going to still keep on making the cards - simply for my own peace of mind.

This card is inspired by the card I received from my friend Melissa.  She used the same stamp set, and I then took the idea and moved it around a bit.

 photo 8564.jpg

Here's the inside view and envelope.

 photo 8565.jpg

One change I'm making to work the cards even faster this coming November is to have them already signed and sealed.  I'll just have to add the address labels and stamps!  I thought of adding the stamps already but most of the cards are actually hand delivered, so I'll wait on that til the last minute.

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